The Kalos Project

Empowering Communities through Local Food Systems.

Our food system has become separate from nature,

and the result is a commercial enterprise that destroys the health of our people and planet.

The population is sicker than ever before, we're rapidly losing farmable soil,

and the money we spend on food exits our communities to fill the bank accounts of large, centralized food companies.

The massive supply chains that are responsible for transporting food are far more fragile than most people realize.

Events like natural disasters, pandemics, political instability, and war could all cause disruptions in supply chains that could prevent communities from getting the food that they need.

This is why we're working to build a Decentralized, Parallel Food Economy

Founded upon the principles of permaculture, The Kalos Project’s vision is to create a global network of decentralized, sustainable, and regenerative local food economies that uplift and empower both the producer and consumer.

Such food economies would guarantee long term food security for local communities through the production of fresh, healthy food for many generations to come.

It's a big goal, and it begins at the local level.

Partnered with the permaculture experts at Food Forest Abundance, we help people and communities grow their own food through the design and installation of beautiful, low maintenance, and regenerative permaculture landscapes.

So, where do YOU fit into this?

No matter how amazing they are, our team can’t build food systems all on their own. We need your help.

We’re currently raising funds to build a greenhouse and growing system at a local farm in Conroe, TX. The best way that you could help us at the moment is to check out our Current Projects page, watch the video, and send it to anyone you think may be interested in becoming aware and supporting projects like these.

Also, follow our social media accounts. We primarily post on Instagram and X to share updates, thoughts, insights and more.